Cannes Lions 2022 — Day #1

Cannes has always been an inspiration to me. I’ve been to festival 2 times and watched it digital twice.

There some great sessions around the world where you can find many different topics, but also you can sense which similar concepts are being discussed around the world.

This year main themes were like:

  • DE&I: but for the first time, sessions were on behalf of minorities they were on the stage.
  • Brand Purpose vs Action: purpose is not enough and mustn’t be a marketing tool. It must be in the DNA of operations and actions.
  • Metaverse: This was interesting for me as well. I am a bit skeptical on digital worlds. Session were mainly focusing on taking a twist on digital presence and consider ethical impacts.
  • Sustainability: This is foremost the most talked topic in all.

You can find the notes of the sessions I attended, some of them might not be descriptive. Please feel free to write to me. :)

I’ll share the notes of each day in different article.

Nike — there is no finish line

Inspire every person that they are an athlete Athletes push us, inspire us, lead us to new place.

Question to self: Who inspires your brand?

Considering dance community as sports Place for self expression. Break dance to be a sport.. — note to self: pushing forward the definition of Target audience.

Modest swim community, maternity line for moms and tobes, prohijab innovative performance garments note to self: D&I

  • Better is a not final pursuit, it’s journey
  • Listening athletes is the single most important thing for Nike. We are trying to be their voice.
  • Merely trying has its own victory

Pure joy of movement and progress

New fairies Campaign

Sport is as about emotion as it is about action. We are the voice of athletes we must be powerful & bold

Crazy dreams campaign.

Sport unites, it teaches, challenges.

Heineken Session:

What is our DNA?

Green triangle of Heineken and how it remains relevant: generation, category, zeitgeist (culture)

  1. Category:
  • Socialization changes and pubs closed
  • #socializeresponsibly movement
  • Back the bars campaign: book a beer

Business Question: How to use media to support the bars?

Idea: Closed shutters are just unused billboards- 10% of budget


The most important thing is to keep the tone of voice — Positive message for a negative cause, but with a twist

2. Generation:

We follow generational shifts

Premium has changed — from show off to real authentic

Extra refreshing product for gen z. We wanted to make the launch in metaverse, but how to maintain your tone of voice?

Heineken virtual beer launch

Note to self: Don’t be drown into trends, make them the wind beneath your wings with your DNA

3. Zeitgeist:

Making beer flow at the speed of culture

Insight: Work from everywhere=work all the time

It’s not the purpose anymore, it’s the relevancy. And who thinks you are relevant to them.

Bottle opener innovation — the closer campaign for exhausted employees.


DDB — Ripping the Old Marketing playbook

Note to self: The worst ever Cannes presentations. Why it was so bad?

  • Wrong decision to be on stage after Heineken.
  • Don’t try to be theatrical if not a professional
  • Give data Biga&bold
  • Make your results impressive
  • Don’t be after your competitor
  • Don’t tell your story from negative side if you are not very very good at reverse storytelling



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